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Getting Started

There are 3 ways you can go.

1. Using a Sponsor Sheet – Click on Sponsor Sheet to download a page you can print and use to gather donations from friends, relatives, co-workers, people at church, etc.

2. Contacting People On-Line – Click on Raise Funds On-Line to create an On-Line
Fundraising Page through FirstGiving that you can use to contact people on your email lists,your FaceBook friends, with Twitter, or texting. Then click on “Fundraise.”

3. Use a combination of both. That way you can ask as many people as possible to help you support the kids at My Father’s House.

You can start a team.

Just by walking alone you will make a difference in a child’s life. Think how much greater an impact you could make if you and a group of your family and friends partner together as a team.

Having a team helps people to stay focused and can even motivate a little “team rivalry” to see who can get the most donations, recruit the most team members, or get the word out to the most people.

Each team member should have their own Sponsor Sheet and/or FirstGiving Fundraising page.

How Do I Create a Team?

Finding team members is easier than you think…
• Talk to family, friends, and coworkers
• Ask others at your place of worship or Bible study
• Recruit members from a league you’re in, your gym, the book club you attend, any group you get together with regularly
• Include kids…they love to walk and this is not too hard

Once you have a team…
  • Get creative and give yourselves a name
  • Set a financial goal…aim high, you have nothing to lose
  • Share why you are walking
  • Keep in contact with each other
     Post comments on FaceBook
     email and text about the walk
     tweet about it

  • Keep motivated…share your story about your involvement with these kids or invite one of
our staff to share with your group (just call My Father's House at 978-251-8191)

Where Are the Sponsors?

Sponsors are everywhere. If you show people that you care about these children, they will be glad to sponsor you. Don’t be shy. People want to help, they just need to be asked.

Thank Your People and Share Your Success after the Walk

It’s important not only to thank your team members, but also the sponsors and others who help
you reach your goal.

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